Fellowship Group

Winning and Training Boys for Christ

Every Saturday 2:00PM-3:30PM

YOUTH.COM is a youth community on a mission. We aim to challenge today’s young people to SEARCH for God, CONNECT to Jesus, and SHARE this with others. YOUTH.COM is a GGC Youth Ministry community serving in the heart of Metro Manila.

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Every Saturday 4:00PM-6:30 PM

Young Pro Fellowship caters to the spiritual needs of young professionals and serves as venue for people to share and encourage one another. The fellowship aims to promote unity among all officers and members in doing common goals through group activities, group dynamics and outreaches, to achieve accountability among officers and members through consistent prayer net, follow ups and caring among each other, to provide deep relevant topics, programs and trainings fro the continued growth of both members and officers, and to provide an environment of prayer, praise and worship within the fellowship consistently.

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The Grace Adult Fellowship was set up in 1974 for professionals and couples who “graduated” from the Youth Fellowship. The fellowship convenes every Saturday night from 8:00 to 9:30. Dinner is being provided for free from 7:15 to 7:50. They hold their fellowship at the church Social Hall. Its mission is to encourage adults particularly couples to attend fellowship, to facilitate mutual support among its members to lead lives glorifying God (1Cor. 10:31-33), to develop responsible and Godly parents who will uphold serving the Lord as a family (Joshua 24:15), to spread Bible teachings and be rooted in God’s Word (Acts2:42) through Bible Study groups and seminars, and to lead more people to Christ (Psalms 96:2-3). Special activities include half-day outings, and workshops (i.e. cooking lessons, sports)

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The Grace Men’s Fellowship was established in 1963. The first meeting was held on a Tuesday evening (October 10), which is why this fellowship of Christian gentlemen has been gathering on Tuesday ever since. Fellowships are held at the church’s social hall and start at 8:00 in the evening. During special occasions (such as Father’s Day, Moon Festival, and Christmas), meetings are held at the homes of the members instead.

Its objectives are: to reach out to the adult male members of GGC, to provide a venue for fostering closer friendships with each other was well as forming closer ties with the Lord together, to equip the fellowship members with knowledge of the Bible, and to train them to have confidence as leaders of the church.

Among its many activities are: bible studies, praise and worship, talks by pastors and deacons from our church and other churches as well, sharing of testimonies among members, prayer meetings, and discussions on different topics.

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The women fellowship held their first fellowship meeting on July 24, 1960. Meetings were held in homes of members until the church building was completed. Presently, regular meetings are being held every Thursday morning at the Social Hall. Guest speakers are invited to talk on various topics such as Biblical truths, Christian living, relationship, and even medical tips. On the lighter side, there are outings, breakfast meetings, and special occasion are celebrated with dramas, skits, songs, etc. women of ages ranging from 20 to 100 gather together worshipping the Lord in harmony.

Contact us at: uyster622@yahoo.com